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About us

A brief summary; Judith was born in Cameroon and is mother to a 13-year-old daughter, Alexandra. She is currently still working in a nursing home. Me, Kris, I was born in Belgium from a Dutch father and a Belgian mother. We have been living in Belgium for a very long time now.

We have decided to take up this new Curacao-adventure because we are fed up with the constant high level of stress and the demanding deadlines in Europe. We have made a conscious choice to go for more quality time for ourselves and our guests, for nature and this passion project.



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Press release


The Natural Curaçao: a beautiful future assured! (new Belgian management)

Good news must be shared. Hence this press release.

The Natural Curaçao is known worldwide as a clothing optional resort where peace and nature are central. Over the years, the resort has experienced a healthy growth. A unique concept is at the heart of this growth. Our loyal visitors come from all over the world with one goal in mind: enjoy peace in a suitable place where respect for everyone is paramount. Our visitors are both "pur sang" naturists as well as people who are enjoying their first experience as nudists.

Since October 1, management has been taken over by a Belgian couple, Judith and Kris. Thanks to their ambitions, a perfect combination of naturism and tranquility can persist within this beautiful location in the middle of nature of Curacao.

Kris: "When we were looking for an appropriate investment a few months ago, it was very important to us that we could find our soul in our future project. We love everything that nature has to offer and realize that everybody needs some moments of peace. The world of today keeps on running at a hellish pace and demands it's toll every day. Burn-outs and depression are the worst ailments of this century. The Natural Curacao is the perfect medicine. Just charging the batteries within an oasis of peace works wonders. I speak from experience. We therefore decided to fully retain the current concept as it is: being able to enjoy each other naked, in calm and natural surroundings. When we saw the reviews on various booking sites, it was clear that the resort is very much appreciated. As people always say: never change a winning team!

The passion that Paul and Tatjana put into their work every day cannot be changed like that. They will continue to welcome you for a long time, as always with a smile and with full conviction. The current daily rates also remain valid. We will soon expand the number of available accommodations (especially the safari tents are very popular!) and start up new internal activities (e.g. setting up a small, bar where visitors are welcome in the evening). We like to listen to the wishes of visitors.

We focus on all ages (from the age of 14), with a clear appeal to young people who unfortunately still think too often that enjoying free times is only possible within a world of luxury and entertainment. We prove that it can be done differently and that enjoyment can be simple. Naturism is for all ages. We never doubted the “clothing optional” formula that we offer. Everyone is welcome and if one still hesitates whether or not to enjoy their stay naked, we do respect their choice. The Natural Curaçao has a loyal audience. This press release also gives us the chance to put them in the spotlight. After all, they are our “ambassadors”.

May we welcome you soon? We are looking forward to it. Sunny natural greetings, Judith and Kris



 Our latest newsletters

Newsletter 1: New owners, great! 


New owners, great!

Now THE question you ask yourself probably is what this means for you as a guest. We decided to start a newsletter so we can communicate to you our new plans for The Natural Curacao. Paul and Tatjana just gave us, Kris and Judith, the keys.

We are super exited to start our new journey at The Natural Curacao. We want to give you a home away from home. We will start with some remodeling and as you may have noticed we upgraded our logo. We have also added personal development & coaching options to our concept.



We believe that The Natural Curacao is a unique place to really get back to your senses.

More rest, more heart and more being is our vision for TNC and our guests. We fully understand that as a naturist you might be concerned about the clothing optional aspect, but no need! We will stay THE clothing optional resort in the Caribbean you know and love.

Kamla’s input convinced us to hold on to the clothing optional concept. That’s where our power resides. Kamla is known to many resort-guests and you probably know her from back in the day. She will support us with her creative input and the personal development side of TNC.

What is going to change?

We have big plans and ideas but we’re taking it step by step. Coach Kamla is strict. Caribbean flow with European vision will be our style from now on.

We have started building a small bar where you can enjoy a cozy happy hour 2 times a week. The closing time will be 23.00 pm, so no worries about wild nightlife at our resort! The idea is to create a friendly space to unwind, relax and make new connections.

We will continue the famous BBQ- night and coffee hour. Why mess with something great, right? Very soon we will offer a picknick-basket for your beach trips, breakfast options and massages.

4 times a year you will receive our newsletter with all the ins and outs about our resort and Curacao. Just as reminder why you should book right now. Our Instagram-account is up and we do appreciate it when you tag us in your favorite pics. Why not share with the world that there is an amazing place in the Caribbean? Our new website will be up soon.

We will stop with our own rental car service but we have a great deal with a renowned rental car company on the island. They will take care of you and your car wishes and will deliver your car to our resort upon your arrival. So good service is guaranteed

Love is in the details, that means that we will redefine personal touches and services. We are here to pamper you.



TNC wants to accommodate everyone who wants to let go of all their stress, to find happiness and meaning of life. If you feel the need, we offer mental coaching programs where we will guide you, so you can fully recharge your batteries and get ready to go back out there after your wonderful stay. We provide you with body, mind and soul services. When you have no need for all this, you can just completely relax out on your personal porch or at the pool and just BE.

The choice is yours.