The Natural Curacao

Naturism on Curacao

The Natural Curacao is a clothing optional resort for everyone who is fond of peace and quiet, loves nature, likes diving, lives freely and does not like mass tourism.

The enclosed complex “The Natural” is centrally located on the beautiful and vivid island Curacao (former Netherlands Antilles), Southern Caribbean. 12 months a year the temperature climbs up to approximately 30°C. Furthermore it does not rain very often and the island is located in a hurricane-free area. That makes this location perfect for a vacation throughout the whole year. Everyone, who is older than 16 years, is welcome to join us to stay naked or dressed at the swimming pool, on the terraces or in their very own accommodation. In order to be clear: “The Natural” is not about erotic meetings, like some people still assume, who are not familiar with nudism. You are also welcome to visit us for a day for a small amount of $ 10. (nude visitors only)


Nature and tranquility

Our resort is located at one of the most beautiful places of Curacao. Without any mass tourism you can enjoy the most beautiful beaches of Curacao nearby, lots of birds and very few mosquitos, thanks to the higher level “The Natural” is located at. If you are interested in snorkeling, diving, mountainbiking and hiking, you are in the right place. You can even ride a horse or swim with dolphins if you like. The view is outstanding and the trade winds make sure that you will not get too hot. The resort was built eco-friendly and is equipped with solar panels and a water recycling system. However, we do not offer vacations for families with children who are younger than 16 years old, because we are very fond of peace and quiet at our resort and around the swimming pool.

Nearby facilities

We strongly recommend to rent a car, although there is a bus stop in front of our resort. We rent several small, economic cars, a jeep and also a pickup for our divers! The city center of Willemstad is only 20 minutes away by car, the airport only 15 minutes, most of the beaches approximately 10 minutes and the big supermarket about 15 minutes. Very close to our resort there are lots of good restaurants and a very cozy bar.

The Natural Car Rental