The Natural Curacao

Why is The Natural Curacao unique ?

The Natural Curacao is a clothing optional resort for tranquility, nature lovers, divers and conscious living people, looking for calm holidays. It is an eco-friendly construction, features solar panels and water recycling and has a beautiful view.

The Natural Curacao is centrally located on one of the most beautiful and vibrant places of the island Curacao (former Netherlands Antilles) in the southern Caribbean. Because of the high position and the relaxing winds there are almost no mosquitoes. The scenery is vitalized with colorful flowers and birds. 12 months of about 25 degree night time 30 degrees Celsius day time, almost no rain and a location outside the hurricane areas make this destination perfect for anytime to visit.

Everyone above the age of 14 is very welcome to The Natural Curacao. The reason why our guests need to be approximately 14 is because we want to maintain our relaxing calm atmosphere.

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Naturism at The Natural Curacao

The Natural Curacao is in fact a Naturists resort, which means that our guests are living nude in harmony with nature with the intention of living self-respect, respecting others and the environment. Naturists are naked because they love being the way they have been born: nude. The most divine way of our selves. What is outstanding about The Natural Curacao is - besides that it is the only Naturists resort on Curacao - that if you are planning to come with your partner or friend, who is shy to be naked, they can wear cloth as well. So you both can enjoy your holidays just the way you want to be. Feel free to be yourself on the whole property. Your company is free to leave the cloth on.

Day visitors are required to be nude. Day fee: $ 15 per person. Please call us at least 1 day in advance and let us know of your visit. 

As eco resort we recycle all the water and use it for our plants. Our soft and clean pool water comes from our own well. It is lightly salty and very pure, so it is almost unnecessary to use chemicals and chlorine. The deep pool has about 24 degree Celsius during all the year and is surrounded by sun beds with shades to hide away if you’d like a sunbathing break. Besides the beautiful view it includes a minibar, shower and restrooms. Of course we also have solar panels for the electricity.

Please keep in mind, that The Natural Curacao is a place to relax and feel good. If you are looking for erotic venues, swinger clubs, hedonism resorts, mass tourism or loud parties in the resort please book another place to stay. We are very respectable, legitimate and are caring of the well-being of our guests and must request those to leave, who are disturbing this peace to maintain the comfort of our guests.

Please ask us for further information. We are happy to help you. 


You will find many beautiful beaches and nature spots very close, as well as spots for diving, snorkeling, mountain biking and hiking in our fantastic environment. There are 28 beaches in our area and you might find a private beach to use nude if you search for it. Up to now there is no official nude beach in Curacao yet. If you are interested in culture and history, The Natural Curacao is the perfect place to be. Since we are far away from mass tourism, you can see the ancient Curacao untouched with its old plantation houses for example, just like it was 100 years ago. Do you like horse riding or swimming with dolphins? Click here for more activities on Curacao.

There is a bus stop in front of our door. Since the buses aren’t on time always and don’t reach destinations you want to go like nearby beaches, we strongly recommend renting a car. We rent good cars for low prices. All cars have air conditioning. We also offer an airport transfer ($ 25,-). Please make sure to reserve them in advance. The drive to downtown Willemstad is 20 minutes, airport 15 minutes, most beaches about 10 minutes and a large supermarket 15 minutes. You will find some very good restaurants and a cozy bar very nearby as well. 

Relaxation: You can book your relaxing massage one day ahead for 65$, or book your private yoga lesson (Clothing optional) 1-4 persons, $60 per hour.

Every morning there is a free coffee hour from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. at the porch of the main house. Breakfast service $ 15,- on request. During the day there are also refreshments available at the pool.

BBQ: We organize every Monday evening a BBQ by the pool, starting at 7 p.m. For $ 40 per person you can enjoy delicious fish and meat dishes, dessert and complimentary beer, wine or soft drinks.

Free facilities: WIFI, Refreshing pool with luxurious sun beds and terrace, We have a free library with games and a free-use computer and printer.

For rent: Icebox $ 5,-, beach bed $ 5,-, umbrella $ 5,-, snorkelset $ 15,-.

Snorkeling, diving, Culture and Nature

Near our resort you can find the best snorkeling and diving places of the whole island. Furthermore there are several diving schools nearby. At our resort we have facilities for rinsing off your diving equipment. Moreover we rent a pickup or jeep, so that you can take your diving equipment easily with you to remoted beaches. 

We work with the best, so that we can provide you with the most attractive off road tours, diving spots and instructors,